Enertia Software

Enertia Software develops state of the art business applications for leading upstream oil and gas companies. The software
is developed in partnership with the oil and gas industry, for the industry.

Skydex Technologies

Skydex has become the leading brand in markets where the attenuation of impact, cushioning, vibration and sound
is essential.

First Western Financial

First Western Trust bank is a comprehensive, boutique private bank and trust company that offers the breadth of services
found at large financial institutions.

Jetta Corp

Jetta baths have unique features that are not found in any other whirlpool bath. Our passive warm air induction systems
and totally insulated whirlpools allow us to offer the exclusive Jetta Stay Hot Guarantee.


As the world's leading (and only) digital 3D experience provider, REALD is dedicated to delivering digital 3D to the highest
standard in cinemas, public spaces, and business environments. REALD went public with an IPO in July 2010 and is traded
on the New York Stock Exchange (press release).

CenterStone Technologies

CenterStone Technologies is the recognized leader in Sales Order Management solutions for specialty retailers throughout
North America and Europe.


Taaz is a San Diego company that is redefining personal photo enhancement through a technology that enables
users to explore, change, and improve their photos using one-click photorealistic enhancements. The technology is primarily
used for virtual makeovers and is available on Taaz.com.


Based in Seattle, Cequint provides technology that enables mobile operators to offer enhanced Caller ID services.


Perlego provides technology that enables enterprises to setup, configure, backup, lock, and erase mobile devices remotely.


VarVee, LLC is a Colorado company committed to helping coaches and the media outlets that cover sports to celebrate young
athletes. VarVee was startede to make it easier for coaches to collect, analyze, and distribute game results and stats to media
and others with an interest in the teams they lead.

CSP Holdings

CSP Holdings, LLC was formed to acquire Cal-Sierra Pipe, Inc. in April 2010. Founded in 1962, Cal-Sierra Pipe has been
consistently providing its customers with high-quality steel pipe and accessories used in water infrastructure applications for
over four decades. Cal-Sierra is headquartered in Stockton, CA.


Terralux designs and manufactures LED light engines for both portable and stationary installations. Their plug-and-play modules
offer lighting solutions with perormance and price points never before achieved.

UsingMiles, Inc.

UsingMiles offers comprehensive award management with a search engine to make managing and using loyalty programs more
efficient and less time-consuming.

Collective Intellect

Collective Intellect (“CI”) is a social media analytics company. CI helps businesses track, understand and use social media.

CCELP Holding, LLC

CCELP Holding, LLC is an Arizona Limited Liability Company formed in 2010 to acquire Clowe & Cowan of El Paso, TX, a distributor
of water pumps, pipe, valves, and fittings used in water infrastructure projects in West Texas and Northern Mexico.
Primary customers are utilities, municipalities, and mining companies.

NHW Holding, LLC

NHW Holding, LLC was formed in 2010 to acquire National Home Warranty, Inc. of Las Vegas, NV. National Home Warranty sells
one-year service contracts to homeowners covering repairs to electrical systems, plumbing systems, HVAC, water heaters, etc.
The company is expanding into the Phoenix, AZ market.

DNA Response, Inc.

DNA Response is a startup that provides turnkey services to the direct response television (infomercial) industry.

Energy Financial and Physical, LP

Energy Financial and Physical was formed to aggregate and market natural gas and crude oil.


CertiPath is the federated trust authority for high-assurance identity and access control to sensitive assets in both physical and
online environments. It has defined a common standardized set of policies and practices for establishing, managing and securing
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-based identity credentials that meet the most rigorous standards for identity integrity and trust.
CertiPath’s federated trust authority certifies that its individual member organizations adhere to the policies and practices of the
trust framework. As a result, these companies can assert the identities of employees globally — on software-based digital
certificates or on hardware tokens such as smart cards — to gain logical access to sensitive intellectual property and physical
access to secure locations and corporate offices.

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